Understanding the list - Health-Related YahooGroup Archives

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Understanding the list
Note: We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of this list and accept no liability for errors. Report corrections here.

  • Original YahooGroup
    Here you find the names of the original YahooGroups we have archived. If you click on the link, you can learn more about the group. and order the archive download.

  • Group Active?
    Here you can see which groups were still having active discussions in November 2019. Inactive groups have most likely been totally lost, now Yahoo has deleted the group archives. As we have archived the groups, you can then download the discussions and files from this website.

  • = Archived here
    Groups with this symbol have been archived on this website. Click on the icon to add it to the cart. If this is the ONLY icon, the group has not announced a new location and has now disappeared, now that Yahoo has deleted their archives. You can download the archives, the group no longer exists, to the best of our knowledge.

  • ֍ = Migrated without their archives
    The group has moved to a new platform without taking their archives with them. Only groups moving to groups.io were able to take their archives with them. This is typical of groups migrating to facebook, other websites and even some migrating to groups.io. You can download their archives for Windows from this website - probably the only place they are available. It is now possible for groups to migrate to the forums.group platform WITH their archives.

  • = Migrated with their archives
    The group has migrated to a new platform with their archives. The following symbols explain which platform the groups has moved to. Click on the icon to visit the respective website.

    = The group has told its members to move discussions to Facebook. We advise groups against this, as Facebook has recently been deleting alternative medicine related groups, especially if they are discussing politically incorrect topics like GMOs or are critical of vaccinations, for example. Additionally, there is no way of automatically transferring members to these Facebook groups resulting in the loss of a large number of their members. We suggest running the list on another platform and using Facebook to attract new members. The existing message archives are also not transferrable, but such groups can refer their members to this website to obtain the archives.

    = The group has been moved to another website, often run by the owners of the list. This is a better idea than using Facebook or other big-tech platforms. In most cases, it is not possible to transfer the members and the existing messages. Again, such groups can refer their members to this website to obtain the archives.

    = The group has transferred discussions to the Rife Forum. This is our website and this method has the following advantages: We can assign new incoming groups their own special section for discussions. The existing archives are preserved as downloadable archives and the members can either remain on their then email-only YahooGroups in order to just read new posts or additionally join the Rife Forum in order to make or reply to posts. Such new posts can be automatically sent out via email to the respective Yahoo or groups.io group, which should be switched to announcement only. This is a great option for groups that are not active enough to warrant a full transfer to groups.io. It is also considerably cheaper as we do not require incoming groups to pay us money, although donations are always welcome. The only charge is the small one-time fee for members who wish to download the archives.

    = This was the preferred place for active groups that wished to keep their archives online and continue their discussions as before. This was certainly the best option for active groups who could afford to pay the $220 transfer charge. They are no longer offering this migration service and now only forums.group can successfully migrate a group with their archives,

    = This is a new service that we have setup as an altenative platform to move your groups to and does not censor important health-related topics in any way. Unlike other services including groups.io, this new service is still capable of migrating your YahooGroup archives from PG4 files (that is all, the groups we have been archiving) or MBox files (the downloads offered by YahooGroups). Each group is converted into a unique phpBB forum that we administer and your group can moderate and run. A phpBB forum offers more features and better sorting of your messages and we feel this is the best possible place to move your YahooGroup to. More details at our sister website: https://forums.group. The service has now started at https://forums.group

  • The Rife Forum:
    Alternative Forum
    If you are simply looking for a place where the same topics are already being discussed, we have listed the respective section on the Rife Forum as an alternative place to go. We welcome new members and do not censor critical topics like Facebook, etc. do. We also do not sell or pass on your details to any third parties and your email address is not shown to others.
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