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Cancercured Alternative Cancer Treatment

Group Description
Alternative cancer treatments include non-harmful cancer cures and therapies like: diet, herbs, supplements, and more for curing and preventing cancer! We are supporting those who are afraid to try alternative treatments. We believe in individual experience far more then we believe in double blind placebo “studies” funded by pharmaceutical companies. We are interested in pursuing and trying therapies that have not been accepted, studied or researched by mainstream medicine - those that other people and the medical community may have never heard about, or are afraid to try - the ones that the pharmaceutical industry will never invest in because most are natural and there is no profit to the companies. And, they don't want you to know about or try them. Your doctor has never heard of the most of the natural therapies that may help and/or cure you. Your doctor is not allowed to prescribe, use or talk about alternative therapies that could help and have the potential to cure. We are ready to take full responsibility for our health. We want to try and find what works for each of us. We believe in individuality, herbal medicine, clean water, clean air, unrefined oils, whole organic foods, liver cleansing, the work of Max Gerson, Hulda Clark, Rife, Hoxsey, William Kelley, Dr.Beck, Weston Price, Stanislaw Burzynski, Johanna Budwig, Gaston Naessens, Linus Pauling (to name a few).
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