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Group Transfer Service
Transfer Service for Yahoo Group Owners
As Yahoo Groups owners ourselves, we understand the stress and confusion brought about by Verizon's decision to delete the Yahoo Group archives. As of October 28, it was no longer possible to upload any more content to the group site and ALL previously posted content on the site was permanently removed on December 17. Now the online data is gone, it is only possible to help groups that we hava already downloaded the data for or possiblly you have obtained a download dump from Yahoo from.

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Although it is still possible to send out messages to other members after December 16, there are no longer any online archives at all. It will be no more than an email redirection service. This has seriously reduced the usability of the groups as it will no longer be possible to read the previous messages online. This has led to a large number of active groups migrating to other platforms, the most popular one is as they had a transfer service for $220.

The Easy Transfer Service is not accepting any more Requests - WE ARE!
If you have not already put in a request to have your Yahoogroup transfered to by now, you are too late - they are not accepting any more requests. We however will accept offers to transfer your group data from groups we have already downloaded and possibly with MBox data from Yahoo. We are only charging $110 (incl. up to 30,000 messages, then $1 per additional 1000 messages) per group plus you will have to pay $20 for a one month premium subscription.

What is the catch?
We need you to do a little more work to make this happen and it takes longer. Additionally, all uploaded messages will be as if we posted them, otherwise the upload will be complete and we maintain the same post numbers as Yahoogroups. Here is the procedure and if you follow it, we will be able to upload your group to - with a money-back guarantee!

#1 Order and pay for our Transfer service
Step #1: Order and pay for our Transfer Service for Yahoo Group Owners?
All payments are non-refundable, unless we are for any reason unable to complete the transfer process by January 31, 2020.

Make the payment according to the number of messages on your group and then carry out the additional steps 2, 3, 4 and 5.
WARNING: If your group for example discusses the dangers of vaccinations, it is not possible to transfer your group to See the full list of restrictions, here

#2 Download the Member List from Yahoo Groups
Extracting Members from Yahoo Groups for
This video explains how to extract the entire member list from Yahoo Groups into Excel and prepare the list for Direct Add into Moderator permissions are required.
This method works with the Google Chrome and Brave browsers, not however with FireFox for example.

Correction: For members with delivery option "Daily Digest," please set "digest" instead of "summary" as shown in the video.

  1. This method requires Excel and Notepad as well as Google Chrome or Brave browsers, but not with FireFox.
  2. You need to by a Moderator or Owner of the Yahoo Group to use this method.
  3. Go to Management / Manage Members
  4. Starting at "First Name", select the entire list until you get to the bottom (this can take some time,
  5. When you have marked the entire list this way, right click and copy the selected entries and past it into an empty Notepad window.
  6. In Notepad, File / Save As / Save as type: All Files (*.*) / groupmembers.prn
  7. It is important to save the text file with the .prn extension, not .txt
  8. Using Microsoft Excel, open the groupmembers.prn file and the Text Import Wizard opens on Step 1
  9. Set Delimited, tick My data has headers and change File origin to: 650001 : Unicode (UTF-8) and click on Next
  10. In Step 2, ensure Tab is ticked and click on Next
  11. In Step 3, click on each column and define the Column data format as Text (incl. date column)
  12. Click on Finish and the data is inserted into a new document
  13. Name Column B "Full name" and use Find and Replace to remove the "Profile picture " text with Replace All
  14. Select and delete the empty column A
  15. Label I1 "Groups" and J2 "Full address"
  16. Select the entire worksheet and use Data / Sort
  17. Tick My data has headers and Sort by Delivery / OK
  18. On the lines with "Daily Digest", type "digest" in column I respectively
  19. On the lines with "Individual Emails", leave column I empty
  20. On the lines with "No Email", type "nomail" in column I respectively
  21. On the lines with "Special Notices", type "nomail" in column I respectively
  22. In J2, enter the formula given below according to the decimal point standard used in your country.
  23. Copy from J2 into the following rows that contain entries.
  24. Check the formatting in column J, if it looks strange, delete the respective empty A and D fields
  25. You now have the correctly formatted addresses for using in Direct Add for your new group in column J.

The formula used in the video is, according to localisation:

Countries that use a dot (".") as a decimal point (e.g. USA/UK, etc.):
=IF(ISBLANK(A2),IF(ISBLANK(D2),E2,D2&" <"&E2&">"),A2&" <"&E2&">")&" "&I2    
Countries that use a comma "," as a decimal point (e.g. some European countries):
=IF(ISBLANK(A2);IF(ISBLANK(D2);E2;D2&" <"&E2&">");A2&" <"&E2&">")&" "&I2     

#3: Order a backup of your data from Yahoo Groups
Order a full backup of your group archives from Yahoo
Just sign in with your Yahoo Account and order a full backup of your data from Yahoo. This can take some time.
#4 Send us the downloaded zip file
Once you receive the data, send it to us.
#5: Setup new acccount
Register or login to and setup an your new groups account in order to receive your data.. Take the free option until we have your data, then order a premium account for one month for $20
#6 Once all above steps are complete, we will process it
Once we have all the data and access to your groups, we will process the orders in the order we receive them. Depending on how many orders we receive, this can take some time.
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