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Dangers of amalgam fillings, root canals

Group Description
A list where the dangers associated with dental fillings, root canals, cavitations and other dental procedures are discussed. This is a support group for persons suffering adverse health affects due to exposure to mercury and other dental and medical procedures. Both professionals and those wishing advise and to share their experiences are welcome to join this list.Share your views and discuss articles from TALK NEWS, and join in the fight to ban mercury everywhere!!

News articles should be referred to for distribution through Talk Health and/or Talk News. They should not be posted on this list. This avoids members receiving multiple copies of the same message.

Waiver & Acknowledgement:
This list is not moderated. By subscribing to the list you agree and acknowledge that information posted or forwarded to this list may not be screened and that you will hold, it's directors, employees,agents and other representatives harmless from any and all information published, regardless of it's contents.

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  • Alternative Medicine
  • 15, 1998
  • English
  • Members :   1,266
  • Messages: 50,958
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