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Group Description
The Enzymes and Autism forum is for the discussion of digestive enzymes (and many other types of supplements) and how their supplementation affect those dealing with conditions of the autistic spectrum/PDD, attention deficit, sensory integration, digestion/malabsorption, food sensitivities/allergies and other uses. We welcome comments and questions about using enzymes in any way, including but not limited to those dealing with restrictive diets, treatments, feeding issues, and intestinal health. Please treat all with respect; well-phrased and polite dissents may be posted, without flaming. This non-commercial, volunteer, semi-moderated list sees about 50+ posts per day. You may want to edit your membership so you receive the posts as a Digest, or to view the posts on the Web Only. Statements posted on this list are for information only, and should not be taken as medical advice. If you need medical advice, you should seek it from a qualified practitioner. NOTE: You should be able to join immediately. If you get a message saying membership pending, please notify kdefelice@thundersnow.com and you will be subscribed directly. Thank you.

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  • Autism
  • 13, 2001
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