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Hypothyroidism = Too Little Hormone Alt.

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Hypothyroidism Support and discussion group - Alternative medicine, diet, cleansing, dental cleanup...

Hypothyroidism = Too Little Hormone. - Malfunction of the Thyroid Gland

An open forum for discussion on natural ways of curing Hypothyroidism and preventing reocurance.

- We are discussing about: Iodine, Iodoral, Lugo's Iodine, Armour, Kalim Iodide, Potassium Iodide, KI, Mercury, Hg, Amalgam, Diet, Cleansing bowels(old stuff, mucus, parasites, toxins, heavy metals pesticides,..), Dental cleanse (amalgam, nickel, root fillings, cavitations, bacteria), kidney cleanse(kidney stones), liver and Gallbladder cleanse (gallstones),massage, Herbal formulas, Parasite killing herbs, enema, salty water, Zapper, Bob Beck's Silver Pulser, Magnet pulser, magnets, Supplements ( Flaxseed oil Selenium Coenzyme Q10 Shark Cartilage Essiac Laetrile Cancel Noni Colloidal minerals chelation therapy chelated minerals Vitamins B17 Enzymes seaweed kelp kombu shiitake miso), Diet (Macrobiotic, Max B. Gerson, Dr.Budwig Diet, Blood Type Diet, ...), Foods to avoid ( sugar aspartame meat)...
--We have been learning from---Dr.Bernard Jensen-Michio Kushi-Dr.Max B. Gerson-Dr.Richard Schulze-Dr.Hulda Clark-Dr.F.X.Mayr-Dr.Joel Wallach-Dr.Johanna Budwig-Dr.Udo Erasmus--Dr.Robert Bob Beck-Royal Rife-Paul Pitchford-and many others ...These are only some ideas for discussion--General subject is Health !

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