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Fermented Foods, Probiotics, Gut Health.

Group Description
This group welcomes both very practical and very theoretical topics, and everything in between.

Hopefully a full range from expert scientists to clueless newbies will use this group for sharing, learning, and consolidating knowledge, with an aim towards creating a well-organized archive that will make it easy for newbies to get thorough answers right away and keep the "oldies" happy enough to explore new frontiers!

  • fermented and pickled vegetables and fruits (e.g. kimchi, gundruk, kawal, sayur asin, achaar, tempoyak)
  • fermented grains and legumes (e.g. ogi, atole, idli, khanomjeen, sourdough, miso, natto, tempeh)
  • Japanese rice-bran fermentation
  • comparisons between food preservation methods
  • salt-free fermentation
  • fermented and pickled land meats and water meats (e.g. fish)
  • history of fermented foods
  • lactic acid
  • yeast
  • molds (good and bad)
  • ragi, nuruk, bubod, koji
  • vinegar
  • kombucha
  • water kefir
  • SCOBYs
  • effective microorganisms (EM)
  • antioxidative properties of fermented foods
  • phototropic bacteria
  • soil-based microorganisms (SBO)
  • microbes as nutrients
  • vitamin production and loss in fermented foods
  • antinutrient reduction and creation in fermented foods
  • -vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7)
  • microbial aspects of raw meat and eggs
  • high meats
  • microbial nutrition before humans started fermenting foods
  • GI microflora, parasites
  • probiotics, prebiotics
  • GI malfunction (e.g. leaky gut syndrome, candidiasis, colitis)
  • traditional fermented grain and fruit beverages (e.g. kvass, tepache, colonche, merissa, kaffir, pito, takju, sake, pulque, ulanzi)

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  • Alternative Medicine
  • 15, 1998
  • English
  • Members :   2,544
  • Messages: 21,997
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