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Batteries vs Germs

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Extremely promising idea with simple do-it-yourself devices. Here's a video how-to build a germkiller: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msceFdHittI

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Join group and see MENU...PHOTOS..ALBUMS...GODZILLA-SIMPLE-start here. We nicknamed the microelectricitygermkiller device: Godzilla.
This is not substitute for medical care. It is not to be used around the eyes where the optic nerve could be affected if current too high. Non-commercial.
Build a device yourself easily in minutes using free photo instructions. All you need is: 6 volt battery, wire, sponge or cloth. That's it. Start with the folder that says, "Godzilla Simple". It will show each easy step to make one in 5 minutes. Wondering if it is appropriate for some condition?
Above MENU...FILES will have a folder "all results" which shows experimental postings by members over last 18 years. Your situation may already be researched here by other people and you can see.
For more complex units, such as the "auto-godzilla" check the Advanced group: microelectricitygermkiller2 (see the menu/photos section). You will find engineers, and technically interested people there. This group is for users to stay out of deep discussions of bio-chemistry, electricity, etc. The moderator will not allow messages asking if our device is likely (or not) to work on a given illness, instead, please use our files, and if not found there, no one has yet done any testing on it, it's up to you to try.
By joining this group you agree to hold this group, including the moderator, harmless for real or apparent mishaps or any damages stemming from application (or misapplication) of the information. You agree by joining to use this information at your own risk. The opinion of the moderator is that you should NOT abandon standard medical treatments in order to do this, as it is still experimental.

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  • Alternative Medicine
  • , 2001
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