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Oleander Soup

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This forum is for those who want to learn more about oleander soup, and other oleander extracts, which have been used for centuries to treat diseases and disorders. Today, oleander is reported to be successful against various cancers, including advanced ones, as well as Hepatitis-C, HIV-AIDS, psoriasis and other immune disorders. Included on this site will be information about how oleander soup is made, tips and precautions, as well as experiences others have had with oleander soup. Anyone who has used, or is using, oleander is urged to share their experiences, good or otherwise.

Note: I'm not a medical professional, not attempting to diagnose or treat any disease or medical condition, and not recommending anyone forego professional healthcare (although I do recommend integrative healthcare). The same should be assumed of all members. This forum is for the exchange of information and ideas. I must warn that raw oleander is highly toxic. However, oleander soup is not raw and is not difficult to make, if simple instructions are followed, and there are no reports of harm from taking oleander soup that I can find.

Other suggested topics for this forum: support for other members, the history of oleander use, Doctor Ozel's work in Turkey, how oleander soup compares with other oleander products, news involving oleander products and treatments, other natural cures and remedies, tips for treating or preventing diseases, and modern medicine versus natural medicine. This forum is NOT a site for personal attacks or feuds - such things only serve to turn away those who genuinely seek unbiased knowledge and help. While I personally preach the Gospel of Oleander, I also welcome dissenting opinions, (so long as they aren't unsubstantiated opinions repeated over and over), because we all want to learn more about oleander and be able to make better informed decisions.

Welcome aboard! Live long, live healthy, live happy!

Tony Isaacs
Author of "Cancer's Natural Enemy"

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