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Perfect Sight Without Glasses

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This is a "no-nonsense" mailing list, and for this reason is a “Bates Teachers” free zone.
We are devoted to the understanding and practice of the original works of distinguished American ophthalmologist William H. Bates, M.D. (1860-1931). For this reason, we ask you to read Dr. Bates' masterpiece "Perfect Sight Without Glasses", a book published by him in 1920 (New York City) as the only true source of knowledge actually useful for those who want to cure their imperfect sight by means of natural methods. It is also important that you read its fundamental companion book "Stories From the Clinic" by E. C. Lierman.
Please don’t trust the free Internet versions of the books you may find on the web. You need to read them well printed under the great light of the sun and whenever you may get the opportunity. Search for actual copies of the Original Books and start the Good Work now!
This list is an independent webspace for expressing facts and experiences any student of such books may live while practicing the original methods. In this regard, we do not follow the wrong advices of the so-called "Bates Teachers", spread on the Internet in several other mailing-lists and newsgroup. Our approach is different from those who practice any kind of "Natural Vision Improvement" as well. Please, if you belog to this type of reader, do not join this group. If you join us, then please detach from the wrong groups or teachers. It is impossible that you can un-learn the wrong things if you still linger to them.
We are glad to cover the most difficult and misunderstood aspects of the whole Bates heritage, that is the control of pain by means of the memory and the fundamental practice of sun-gazing and the sun treatment with the burning glass. We do not want to waste time and energy with people wearing glasses and won’t discuss such matters with anyone.
Rishi Giovanni Gatti

(list-owner, Italy)

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  • 10, 2002
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