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Yahoo Groups (previously known as OneList and eGroups) have been popular email based discussion platforms since the late 1990s. They were where people went to discuss a wide range of topics long before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram became so popular. Although many groups are still active, the majority of them have been slowly dying out as people move discussions onto other platforms.

However, Yahoo has decided to delete all the archives of the estimated 10 million groups on December 14, 2019. The potential loss of the vast array of knowledge has got groups owners and members alike looking for ways of preserving all the knowledge stored in these groups. The owner of the Rife and Rifeforum YahooGroups has created this website in order to help preserve as many health-related YahooGroups as possible. While some groups are moving to new homes, it is difficult or expensive ($220 with to take the archives with you. Many valuable groups have been abandoned or have nobody trying to preserve their contents. We recognize the value of the collected knowledge found in these groups and are doing our best to preserve at least health-related Yahoo Groups on this platform.

At the time of writing, we are still trying to achive as many groups as we can, so come back again to see more groups available. We do not charge Group Owners anything for archiving their groups. Instead, we are asking interested members to pay a small one-time charge to download their favorite groups. These charges depend on the size of the group and start at just $2.99 for groups less than 10,000 messages up to a maximum of $9.99 for large groups. The money is used to cover our costs preserving these groups for the years to come and also offering a platform where many groups can continue their discussions: The Rife Forum.

On this page, you will see the list of groups we have already preserved. This list will grow as we download and archive more groups. You can also suggest groups to preserve at the bottom of our home page.

We thank all those that support out work and who can continue to gain from the hundreds of thousands of posts giving advice in those groups.


Peter Walker

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